The HEC entrepreneurship center was established in 2010 with the purpose of fostering and coordinating all entrepreneurship activities inside and outside HEC Paris.
100% of our students, more than 2000 participants each year, are closely linked to entrepreneurship activities through trainings, establishing new ventures or by working on startups in our different programs. HEC Paris is one of the leading French business schools and the first to have introduced entrepreneurship as a specialization 40 years ago with the learning by doing methodology. The HEC entrepreneurship center missions are to sensitize our student body and alumni to entrepreneurship, to boost entrepreneurship and innovation in each curriculum from the Grande Ecole master to the Executive MBA and the MBA and to support entrepreneurs with in house startup programs like the HEC Incubator.
HEC Incubator is a startup support program with the aim of accelerating the development of ambitious entrepreneurs by linking them with the whole HEC community and beyond. More than 70 startups join the Incubator each year and can benefit from coaching sessions, meetings with journalists and investors, peer mentoring, social events, relationships with corporate partners. All incubees are also hosted at the heart of the Parisian epicenter for entrepreneurship: Station F. The program lasts 6 months and can be renewed.
To apply each project needs to have at least one active founder with a degree or a certificate from HEC Paris. Founders must be dedicated at 100% on their startup and be available in Paris during the length of the program.  

Students and Alumni at HEC have numerous possibilities inside the ecosystem to learn about entrepreneurship and develop their company.

Inside the school

Numerous programs and courses are dedicated to entrepreneurship following different tracks (e.g. Digital, Social & Impact, Technology…). Every student from 1st year to Executive MBA is in one way or another impacted by our entrepreneurship offering.

We closely work with a student association called Start’HEC to organise weekly events on the campus and Paris to mix students and entrepreneurs around workshops, conferences and networking events.

Outside the school

The HEC Entrepreneurship Hub is one of the most active hubs of the HEC Alumni Association and organize regularly office hours (where any entrepreneurs can talk to their peers), seminars, events with successful companies and much more. The Hub consists of 6 clubs (Young Entrepreneurs, Impact Entrepreneurs, Business Angels, Buy-out…)

Other Hub in the Alumni Association are also organizing events about entrepreneurships.

HEC is also developing international offices in differents countries (UK, US… ). Entrepreneurs are sollicited to build the foundation of these offices.

Connecting the dots

All Entrepreneurship activities (outside and inside school) are coordinated and made visible by the HEC Entrepreneurship Center. The Center has three programs. One for scientists that want to develop their business skills: Challenge + (Celebrating its 27years), one specifically for HEC students and graduates: The HEC Incubator and the last one, Stand UP HEC, training and empowering women involved in business projects in Paris neighborhoods.

The purpose of these programs is to mobilize the whole ecosystem of HEC and beyond (teachers, students, alumni, partners) around entrepreneurs to foster social and economic impact ! Workshop, tutoring, Office hours with experts, dedicated pitching events are organized regularly. Students also have free office space to develop their startup surrounding with their peers inthe eLab, an exclusive entrepreneurial lab equipped with state-of-the art interactive technology that stimulates creativity and communication. It has been funded thanks to the generosity of Jean-Luc Allavena, Pascal de Jenlis and Pascal Cagni, donators of the HEC Foundation.