Station F, 55 boulevard Vincent Auriol, 75013 Paris, France


The HEC incubator is a tailored, à la carte and participative startup support program.
Our ambition is to make entrepreneurs achieve in 12 months, the goals they would have reached in 3 years being on their own. We mobilize all resources of the HEC ecosystem around ambitious entrepreneurs to accelerate and amplify their development.
We support students, graduates and ambitious certified entrepreneurs whose projects represent a strong economic, environmental, social or technological impact. The incubated start-ups benefit from the coaching of experienced tutors and experts, from the help of previously incubated start-ups, from collaborative lunches, from exchanges with the HEC Alumni community, and most of all, from a supportive and collaborative environment. We are a generalist incubator and embrace the diversity of projects and founders to create a vibrant and helpful community.
Since its creation in 2007, the HEC Incubator has already accompanied more than 323 companies (Concord, Product-Live, Leetchi, Point Vision …). Since July 2017, all the incubated companies have moved into a 700m2 premises and 188 workstations within Station F (in the 13th district of Paris).
We are currently incubating 60 companies in 20+ various sectors, 90M€ was raised over the past 4 years.
The mobilisation of the HEC Ecosystem, through the Business School, the HEC Alumni network and the HEC Foundation is at the core of our offer. The HEC Incubator focuses on collective actions through a community of entrepreneurs and experts anchored within the HEC network. 300+ experts give office hours to accelerate your project !
Our program relies on 3 pillars:
  • TAILORED : We adapt the program to YOUR needs
  • A LA CARTE : It’s up to you to draw it from the many resources available
  • PARTICIPATIVE: Co-create the program with us and maximise the value for each startup
To apply, you need to…
  • Have an ambitious project with a strong impact
  • Be ambitious and focus on execution
  • Justify a link with HEC(a degree or a MOOC* certificate…)
  • Be located in Paris for at least 3 months
  • Be 100% dedicated to your project
  • Be ready for a challenge
  • Contribute to the community
  • Have a prototype
How it works?
👉 Check out our current call for project’s guidelines
  • Time: 3 months renewable without time limit
  • Cost: 200€ / desk / month
  • The fees increase every 3 months of 25€ / desk
  • Attendance: no rules but the more time you will spend at the HEC Incubator, the more you will benefit from our experts and entrepreneurs

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