Station F, 55 boulevard Vincent Auriol, 75013 Paris, France


The HEC incubator is a tailored, à la carte and participative startup support program.
Our ambition is to make entrepreneurs achieve in 12 months, the goals they would have reached in 3 years being on their own. We mobilize all resources of the HEC ecosystem around ambitious entrepreneurs to accelerate and amplify their development.
We support students, graduates and ambitious certified entrepreneurs whose projects represent a strong economic, environmental, social or technological impact. The incubated start-ups benefit from the coaching of experienced tutors and experts, from the help of previously incubated start-ups, from collaborative lunches, from exchanges with the HEC Alumni community, and most of all, from a supportive and collaborative environment. We are a generalist incubator and embrace the diversity of projects and founders to create a vibrant and helpful community.
Since its creation in 2007, the HEC Incubator has already accompanied more than 250 companies (Concord, Product-Live, Leetchi, Point Vision …). Since July 2017, all the incubated companies have moved into a 700m2 premises and 188 workstations within Station F (in the 13th district of Paris). We are currently incubating 73 companies.
The current incubees (2017, Sept.) : Absolutely French, AdAlong, Advitam, AIMI, ALFINEO, art meets art, askAndy, BATIPHOENIX, BimBimGo, BioPharmScreener, Citron, Clovis, Copelican, Cycloponics, Data Soluce, Dataswati, DIGISTRATES PHARMA (Pharmizz), Dropcontact, Endeer, Épaté, FEM 21, Gameo, Garantme, GeoUniq, Hyphen Pro, Innovinco, Joe&Avrel’s, JUST HELP, Kobus Tech, La Mama des chantiers, LABORATOIRES ESTHÉTIC, Laboté, Labstorant, LAMPION, Le Village Potager, Lead Guru, LeCiseau, Les 3Dandies, Les filles en rouge, Les Sublimes, LexDev, LoveAffr, Luko, Madumbo, Medadom, medGo, Medway Assistance, MeilleureCopro, Menestia, Mon Beau Terroir, My Job Glasses, NEYB’S, Nouveausouffle, On The Prairie, Optimetriks, Peers Up, Postmii, Révèle, Rue Rangoli, SEAVER, Sillages Paris, Simundia, skilbill, Smart Monument, Smirk, Solen, SPARTAN, Spred, Tripafrique, TRONE, Up2School, Vegg’up, YOGIST.