They support the new generation of tech entrepreneurs from the University of Paris-Saclay Campus!
Experts from the Paris-Saclay Seed Fund work for certain hours every week at various institutions at the Paris-Saclay Campus.
They support entrepreneurs, providing support, mentorship, capital and assist with hiring and scaling companies. The Fund invests in early stage companies, giving them between €100K and €500K and in seed stage companies giving €2m+ in Series A.
Feel free to meet them, either on the HEC Paris Campus or at Station F, Paris 13e to discuss your startup project. They will give you advice on your next fundraising event, put you in contact with potentially major stakeholders, and allow you to think about your financial growth strategy.
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30/05/2018 HEC Incubator
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25/07/2018 HEC Incubator
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19/12/2018 HEC Campus
The Paris-Saclay Seed Fund was launched in November 2016 by the University of Paris-Saclay and its members and operations were entrusted to two Venture Capital funds : Partech International Partners and Kurma.