The HEC-42 Start-up Launchpad training program ended last week with a great “Pitch Day” session at Station F in Paris.
On the Station F open-platform, in front of the jury chaired by Pascal Cagni, (HEC MBA 86) and President of Business France, 21 projects selected  among the 28 teams created at the beginning of the program, presented their solutions: business trip with Okarito, investment in start-ups with Upfive, health & well-being with Lenita (facilitating acne treatment), competition and fitness application with La Sèche, eRadiology, ticketing service based on blockchain with Leto, facilitating shopping and cooking with Take’n’cook, etc.
Two teams were distinguished and won one year training at the HEC Incubator:
  • Jury Award (16 people): Veesion, gesture recognition technology in video content: algorithm used for theft detection in retail through deep learning.
  • Audience Award: Spacefill, on-demand storage marketplace for professionals
  These two projects were also distinguished during the Night Pitch organized with the HEC London eco-system, two days earlier, at the Microsoft ScaleUp accelerator.  
Now the 9 week program is over and the Launchpad Valley program starts.
Five start-ups from the HEC-42 launchpad and four start-ups from the HEC Paris incubator were selected to start developing their project in California during two and a half months. These are Veesion, Matech, APIdou, Brainee Cacti, Révèle, Datasoluce, Spartan and Postmii projects.
To find out more about the start-ups presented at the HEC-42 Startup Launchpad on March 29, 2018:
1- Leto Leto uses blockchain technology to revolutionize the ticketing market
2- Take’n’Cook Allow families to do their shopping in a few clicks on the internet by offering them, via machine learning algorithms, adapted recipes. Time saving, varied meals, etc …
3- SpaceFill Spacefill is the on-demand storage marketplace for professionals.
4- eRadiology Teleradiology platform which aims to address the problem of the lack of radiologists in some African countries by offering the interpretation service by radiologists established in other African countries.
5- Lenita The first 100% digital medical-cosmetic brand dedicated to acne
6- LaSèche Fitness contest for all: Sport, nutrition, challenges, community
7- Okarito Travel agency through a virtual assistant allowing start-ups and SMEs to better manage their business trip.
8- Upfive Upfive wants to disrupt fundraising. We help entrepreneurs to raise funds more efficiently, cheaply by automating repetitive tasks and recommending them to VCs
9- Tadam Use vacuum cooking to serve fresh dishes that can be stored for at least 10 days. Realize a single weekly delivery and deliver good cheaper dishes.
10- Cacti Cacti finds a friendly and competent junior developer in less than a week
11- Offer a digital and intelligent guidance tool to high school students of new generations, to help them enhance their qualities and choose appropriate training.
12- StreamCurse Interactive video game via Twitch that allows interaction between streamers and viewers.
13- Veesion Gesture recognition technology in video content: algorithm used to detect theft in retail through deep learning.
14- Chou Blanc Online ordering service for fresh products, offering a selection of quality products at affordable prices in less than 2min, with delivery points relay or home
15- cryptio Portfolio analytics and tax reporting solution for active crypto investors. We consolidate and analyze the entire user activity from all trading platforms and portfolios he can use.
16- Ekyo Thought like an incubator, Ekyo aims to help influencers in their work and accelerate their growth. Ekyo connects influencers and companies for their marketing strategy
17- ShopnGo Software to optimize passenger flows in railway stations and airports
18- Everpass Software allowing the sale and the validation of urban transport ticket by telephone
19- Matech Intelligent and intuitive filling solution for creative and forward-looking professions.
20- APIdou A plush-gamepad that offers a tactile, playful and loving experience with a catalog of apps that help regulate tablet usage and limit screen issues.
21- Brainee Customer Support Optimization Solution: AI Algorithms detect the need for a message response, categorization and prioritization … Customer Support focuses on customer response rather than on a customer. inefficient treatment phase