Last HEC ChallengePlus intake took place on January 29th with 18 new project holders.
The program, that was launched 27 years ago, supports innovative projects with high growth potential and train two batches start-ups per year.
The support program closely combines training, assistance and a personalized follow-up. Project holders are mainly a very high educational profile (doctors, engineers, researchers …) but we also find an osteopath, a cello teacher!
As illustrated below, their projects cover a wide range of sectors: biotech, biomedical materials, software technologies, fashion, human nutrition, music, equine world or … post-quantum cryptography.
Here are the 38 projects currently trained:
µ-propuls-ION Micro-propulsion for miniature satellites
AMAROB Robotics components and systems for minimally invasive surgeries
CELSIUS Green and disruptive geothermal technology
CONCERTO-H Stable electrolytes for photovoltaic systems
EQUIKRYOS Whole body cryotherapy treatment device for equines
InBrain Pharma New treatments for neurodegenerative diseases
KPV Ready-to-wear feminine high-end in size 42 and over
LES MARINS D’EAU DOUCE Children’s book publisher
LOWPITAL Low tech products improving the daily lives of disease people
MINIMENTO Synthesis of complex information, videos
mySKIBox Set of mobile skis easy and secure
Post-Quantum Advanced Technologies (P-QAT) Post-quantum cryptography
REDBERRY Instantaneous detection of microbial contamination in food or medicine
SENSA Detection of biomarkers from liquid biopsies
TEMPO Steering Assistant for Financial Risk Management
TIAMAT Fast-charging, long-life sodium batteries
VEINTREE Authentication of people without identification
YOUGO Motorized exoskeleton for walking rehabilitation after stroke
ACCORDISSIMO Accompanying offer for amateur musicians
AIMERGING HEALTH Health solutions for risk prevention, diagnostic assistance and decision-making
CAIPTURE SAS Smart software tests
CYPRIO New generation of 3D cellular models
DYAMEO Endoscopic probe for cancer detection
ELEMENTA Health food ingredients
GALEON Shared health record
GLISS Surface chemistry preparation solution that fits into the biochip market
HEALSY Decision support for diabetic patients
MILLIDROP Microbiology automat
MLTEK Energy independence for electronic devices
MOOVLAB Platform for interactive indoor fitness practice
NEW HOPE Ultra-portable breathing apparatus
OD&B Digital Agency and Connected Objects for Animals
OXSAM Innovative therapies based on oxidative stress
INSTITUT CURIE Center for Combating Cancer combining research center and hospital
SEED ENERGY Integration of photovoltaics in everyday objects
SYNSIGHT Computer Assisted Drug Design
TERRA 3D Dynamic 3D Mapping for Mobility Network Management
YAKAYGO Booking platform specialized in outdoor activities