The much-anticipated opening of the Station F startup campus moved into its operational phase, called Onboarding. In the first week of July it welcomed around 1,000 startups into a transformed Paris train depot known as the Halle Freyssinet.

At the heart of the ambitious project is HEC Incubator, its 73 startups, 180 workspaces and 700m² of open space
It’s been three years coming, but finally the world’s largest startup campus has opened its doors. Next to the backers like France’s Ubisoft and overseas players like Amazon, Facebook and Microsoft is HEC Paris’ Incubator, run by Antoine Leprêtre. This entity – part of the school’s Entrepreneurship Center – celebrates its tenth birthday by bringing 73 startup projects to this huge site, one as long as the Eiffel Tower is big, and as wide as a football pitch. Nestled in the heart of the French capital’s bustling 13th  arrondissement, the 34,000m² campus aims at becoming a thriving ecosystem rivalling London, Berlin and the Silicon Valley’s entrepreneurial spirit and business innovation. “From very early on, HEC’s Incubator has been involved,”  extols Station F director Roxanne Varza with characteristic enthusiasm. “The reputation of the school’s Entrepreneurship Center made it a no-brainer to have them onboard as a key partner.”
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