The HEC Incubator is proud to welcome its FALL 2018 cohort !
A call for applications every three months, an intake of new incubees every three months: the batches of the HEC incubator follow each other but are not alike!
12 entrepreneurs – 5 startups, from #winetech to #adtech joined us after 2 rounds of applications! The selection was very hard to make for our panels after a drastic selection among more than 116 start-ups.
Cuvée Privée
Founded by Aurélie Berthon, Morgane Suquet and Marie Forget, Cuvée Privée is a Woman-led enterprise. They allow wine lovers to adopt vines from exceptional French vineyards and get their own wine delivered straight to their door Marie, Aurélie and Morgane met during their studies at HEC, while being actively involved in the HEC Wine Club – where they developed their entrepreneurial spirit and expertise in wine ! #winetech
Orion Semantics
Thomas Achache (ex DailyMotion and Criteo) is the founder of Orion Technologies, which analyzes the content of webpages to predict the purchase intentions of visitors 
La Casa
Founded by Victor Augais ( and Charles Verzaux and supported by Julien Chorier, La Casa is a pioneering community driven coliving in France ! 
Okarito enables to save on business travel, while creating a unique client experience ! Brice Huet and Remi Duvoux are the founders of Okarito. They graduated from HEC GE Entrepreneurs in 2018 with Cuvée Privée !  #TravelTech
Micro Brain BioTech
To finish, and to remind you all that the HEC Incubator does not follow a vertical, as you can understand from this list and the 60 projects currently incubated with us @Station F, we would like to introduce MicroBrain BioTech !  
MicroBrain BioTech joined us ! Founded by Bernadette Bung, MBBT develops more relevant and predictive Nonclinical Assessment Models, which will also greatly reduce the use of animal testing, energy, material. This objective responds to a major need, both economic (Eroom law) and ethical (REACH directive), to rethink the drug development model which is no longer sustainable in the state (drug development costs and costs for drugs, health systems and patients needs). #deepscience

The 60 start-ups are supervised by 23 entrepreneurs in residence and 300 experts during their stay. An exceptional  community to boost their development!
Zoom on Vincent Bernard, CEO of Brigitte, entrepreneur in residence who made his intake in October.
Vincent Bernard Vincent has just joined the HEC incubator team to help structure the sales approach of the support program. He has been working for several years at the HEC Grande Ecole and notably on the HEC / 42 Startup Launchpad program.
Brigitte & Angela are two Artificial Intelligences which are helping you foster your relationships.
– Brigitte is BtoC and helps your remember every person you met.
– Angela is BtoB and helps employee of big companies to know each other better (as much as in startups).
Brigitte is ready. Angela is under construction..