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Entrepreneurs spend a significant amount of their time recruiting talent and growing it with the company.
Paris Saclay Seed Fund investors say that 75% of their investment decisions are tied to the team, which again illustrates the need to bring together and lead talent.
This next conference will take place on Wednesday, March 28th from 2pm in the S210 amphitheater, in French.
It will be animated by:
 Patricia de TINGUY, EMBA HEC 2018 and HR Expert: recruitment, career management, evaluation, mobility, training, HR strategy and communication …
 Pascal LEURAUD, co-founder and COO of XENTECH [www.xentech.eu], platform of preclinical studies (promo 23 of Challenge +)
The respective interventions will focus on the following themes:
 What are the fundamentals in terms of “HR diagnosis” of a startup in the fundraising phase? Can we manage the human resources of a startup as a large group?  Overview of HR needs of startups.  Good practices in recruitment.  Key role of the founders on the HR manager part.  Reflexes to have in case of difficulties.  Recruitment, motivation, corporate culture: how to go from 2 to 50 people while maintaining the agility and mentality of a startup? Feedback and advice.  Recruitment: feedback on errors (and their consequences) and corrections.  Motivation and corporate culture.  The turnover and the means to limit it.  Conversely, how to manage a social plan?
The respective interventions of Patricia and Pascal will give you good practices in terms of human resources management applied to startups.
If this topic concerns you, please register contacting Corinne Delombre : delombre@hec.fr  
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