The Saclay Crunch (# 7), quarterly meeting of the Paris-Saclay Seed Fund, will be hosted on Tuesday, October 9 by Econocom (11 square Léon Blum, Puteaux) from 17H15 to 20H : Pitch, keynote and cocktail.
Sarah Besnainou (H2009) and Julien Cohen-Solal (H2008), co-founders of Kartable are invited to present their entrepreneurial journey to the attendees.
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  • Troov – Platform who help people find what they lost / ENSAE
  • AskHub – APIs for bots (ex find itineraries with a conversational interface) / IMT
  • Datascientest – Online training B2B on datascience / X
  • RampUp – AI-powered chatbot designed to give new hires a successful onboarding experience / HEC
  • Spacefill – Warehouse as a service / HEC – X
  • Viibe – Remote assistance solution / HEC
  • Hiboo – Hardware solution to remotely conduct maintenance and inventory operations / CentraleSupélec
  • Clan – Neobank for employee representative committee / HEC