MeilleureCopro launches a major barometer in the world of real estate: the start-up publishes the first national barometer of building maintenance expenses based on a quarter of the condominiums of France!
You have not heard of MeilleureCopro yet? Are you living in a cave? No less than 40 articles have been published in the last two weeks following the presentation of their new national barometer of building maintenance expenses based on 180,000 real estate ads!
This start-up joined the HEC incubator in November 2016 to shake up the codes. It offers owners and their property managers an irresistible offer: reduce co-ownership building maintenance expenses by half!
Its founder, Edouard-Jean Clouet, an engineer graduated from Centrale and  HEC Paris Entrepreneurs in 2007, launched an innovative platform with the objective of evaluating  building maintenance expenses, drawing up a plan to reduce expenses and assisting property managers for its implementation.
The remuneration of MeilleureCopro consits of a percentage of the savings realized, the service is thus free and allows to create value for all the actors of the co-ownership (co-owners, property managers, service providers …) by fluidifying the exchanges on expenses management in co-ownership.
He is putting a strong bet on tackling a still very traditional sector:
“It was by auditing the expenses of my co-ownership and by reducing the costs by 65% ​​that I became aware of all that remained to optimize! “
Long alone, he has been joined by associates since October 2017 and is today at the head of a small team of 6 people.
Compare your charges on!
MeilleureCopro has developed an innovative online tool, based on a complex algorithm and big data relating to building expenses.
This powerful calculator, allowing each co-owner to compare in 2 minutes and free of charge his condominium expenses, also allows to collect data and translate it in surveys and barometers. This is how the first Barometer of MeilleureCopro was born on January 31st. The beginning of a long series according to Edouard-Jean who promises regular analysis on the subject!
Some results
By analyzing the level of expenses per apartment or per square meter, we see that in Paris condominium expenses are up to twice as high as in the Province. But the most interesting in the study is to compare those expenses with the monthly rent of the apartment, allowing investors to put into perspective the impact of charges on the profitability of their investment.
Key numbers:
City: Paris
Date of creation: 2016
Sector of activity: Condominium, Condominium
Employees: 6
Market: France and Province
Tel / 01 79 73 17 21

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