Since its launch in July 2017 at Station F, the world’s largest incubator of start-ups, the incubator HEC Paris has doubled its number of projects hosted.
From 40 in spring 2017, there are now 80 projects settled on the 200 workstations available: more than 200 talented entrepreneurs to challenge, train, advise …
200 experts including 19 in residence take turns in the open space. Incubees can participate in Office Hours every day (200+ the last 6 months), workshops (1 to 2 per week), internship points (x2 per month) and pitch diagnostics (x1 per month).
This January 2018, 11 more projects have joined the start-up program after a drastic competition with 300 other applicants.
Here are they :
Archibien (TheGoodStudio SAS) Any building/renovation project? Archibien helps you to define your project, selects 3 architects for you and make them draw your project. You then pick your favorite design and the architect to make it real.
Bankizy Bankizy helps you at each step of your administrative process to create your business
LEAF LEAF supplies equipment for the production of renewable gas for heat and mobility usages, through carbon dioxide recycling, enabling electrical grid balancing and utility-scale electricity storage. (StationW SAS) StationW turns restaurants and bars that are closed during the day into a network of affordable and mobile coworking spaces for 99 euros per month
YOUR STORE PROJECT YSP is a french company developing a chain of specialized stores selling sportswear products and sneakers, and managed by former unemployed young person.
JULAYA Julaya is a platform provinding geolocalized SMS marketing solutions for African SMEs. It’s currently live in Mali, Burkina Faso, Côte d’Ivoire and Sénégal.
Livescale (LIVESCALE TECHNOLOGIES INC.) Livescale is the first live video omnicast platform that allows, from one device, to distribution live video to all channels (Broadcast, Webcast, Socialcast) simultaneously and with realtime analytics on audience, and it even works in VR !
CAVAL CAVAL is a MISMATCHED shoe brand: left and right shoe are different and complete each other with forms, colors or patterns.
CALAMAGUI CALAMAGUI is a book editor whose authors are children.
Maja Maja is a wooden off-grid living unit that combines resource-efficient design living and autonomous energy and water technology
True Spirit True Spirit is developing for winemakers the unique portable device capable of monitoring wine in real time directly at the winery. Thanks to the WineLight, winemakers will be able to analyse wine during the whole production process without going through a laboratory.
The projects start with a 3 months incubation period, that can be renewed after validation by a committee (8 times max). Incubees have to work full-time on their project.
A new call for application is launched until February 11st, here are the full conditions to be eligible.