This year marks the 51st anniversary of the Consumer Electronic Show (CES). The event taking place in Las Vegas attracts from the largest corporates to the smallest start-ups every year, who participate to events, attend to meetings and conferences, visit the exhibitions and do business.
The Frenchies have again made the move in numbers this year. There are almost as many US start-ups as French ones in the Eureka Park (start-up area) . Among them, many projects are carried by HEC Paris students and alumnis.
With 66 companies represented in 2015 and 178 in 2017, attendance has exploded this year with 365 French companies present. France has thus the third largest representation among the 150 countries represented in the CES.
Even better: of the 365 companies present, 274 are located within the Eureka Park, the space dedicated to start-ups that brings together 800 companies in total this year. A nice third of the startups present that propels France to the second largest start-up nation in this privileged area, just behind the US (280), and far ahead of the Netherlands (60) or China (55).

Start-ups currently following HEC Paris programs (non-exhaustive list)

SPARTAN (HEC Incubator)
POSTMII (HEC Incubator)
LUKO (HEC Incubator)
YOGOKO (HEC Challenge +)
GYROLIFT (HEC Challenge +)
LEKA (HEC Challenge +)
MOOVLAB (HEC Challenge +)

Get feedback from Arthur Ménard, co-founder of Spartan: the show is “a real marathon“, Interview RTL, January 10th, 2018