On September 6th & 7th, 200 students participated to the Dare & Act Business Game organised by the HEC Incubator. The aim was to create the maximum number of interactions between the participants to speed up the development process of 8 selected Startup: yogist.fr ; ovrsea.com ; myjobglasses.com ; spacefill.fr ; archibien.com ; viibe.co ; askandy.co ; datasoluce.com
It Focused on 3 key areas to develop participants’ satisfaction while playing the game: – Discovering their main Interests: sectors, jobs, leisure… – Create their own Environment: place, people, activities… – Choose their Reward: knowledge, perks, money, fame, gratitude…
Simple and bendable rules enabled the maximum fertilization and realisation of Dare and Acts moments!
The players students were grouped in teams (working on one of the 8 startups) and guilds (groups of 8 teams working on different startups).
Day 1 focused on gathering information and daring with students working in teams. Day 2 focused on producing shareable materials and acting with teams working in guilds.
What is the Dare & Act Business Challenge all about?
Antoine Lepretre , Director of the HEC Incubator, gave us a quick overview:      
Behind the scenes